Halotea - How does it work?

Thus, for a quick start and understanding of the principal terms used in the Application please have a look at the following diagram:

Let us enlarge upon the principle blocks:

Sample is a separate audio file (OGG file). As a rule, it is a short sound bite (e.g. dog barking, birds singing, thunder) or long fragments used for the background (e.g. the sound of rain, rustling of a forest). For an easier search of the needed sample all of them are grouped into folders, the names of which answer the purpose of the samples kept. It is recommended to keep to the theme while recording or importing your own samples.

Preset is a set of samples with customized sounding settings for each sample. Presets are used to unite several samples into a single "picture". Thus, for example, using the "Rain", "Roar of the Wind", "Thunder", "Noise of Trees" samples you may create the preset "Thunder in a Forest", or create the preset "Journey by Coach" using the samples "Stepping Horse", "Sound of Wheels" and "Bells".

For an easy use and exclusion of chaos, presets and samples are divided into thematic groups, such as: Ambient, Background, Noise and others. In a preset it is allowed to use the samples of the group the preset itself refers to. Each group corresponds to a special picture which can be seen in the Preset Browser and Theme Playlist that makes it easier to find the necessary preset and determine its theme.

Theme is a set of presets with the customized sounding settings for each preset. Themes are designed to unite and combine different presets. Thus, using the above mentioned examples of presets, one can easily create the theme "Journey by Coach through a Wood in the Storm", or arranging presets in a different way it is possible to get a great number of other variants of a sound design which enable to create the corresponding mood of a user.

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