Halotea versions comparison

There are three versions of Mirolit Halotea, which differ in functionality and cost.

HaloteaLite is a simplified version of Mirolit Halotea. Some import-export and sound recording features are disabled in Lite version. It's the best choice if you want just to listen to relaxing sounds and not going to create and distribute your own sound themes and presets.

HaloteaFree is absolutely free. With this version user can only listen to the pre-installed sound themes. Scheduler and audio-player is also available in this version.

Differences of Mirolit Halotea, HaloteaLite and HaloteaFree are listed below:

FeaturesMirolit HaloteaHalotea LiteHalotea Free
Environmental soundsFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
Presets and themes editorFeature IncludedFeature Included
Audio playerFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
SchedulerFeature IncludedFeature IncludedFeature Included
RecorderFeature Included
Themes importFeature IncludedFeature Included
Themes exportFeature Included
Presets importFeature Included
Presets exportFeature Included
Download Mirolit HaloteaDownload Halotea LiteDownload Halotea Free
Buy Mirolit HaloteaBuy Halotea Lite

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