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Our latest news:

10/02/2017 :: Mirolit on facebook
Join Mirolit on Facebook to get latest news, discount coupons and other cool stuff!
Mirolit Halotea official page: facebook.com/MirolitHalotea
Mirolit Halotea official group: facebook.com/groups/Halotea

09/23/2017 :: Halotea 1.600
Update! Due to changing the structure of preset groups, users of earlier versions are recommended to completely uninstall Halotea before installing the new version. More info here.

02/21/2017 :: Halotea 1.502
Opening audio files bug is fixed, as well as other minor fixes.

11/03/2016 :: Halotea 1.500
Major update.
If you are a registered user and have problems with activation, please contact support.

12/20/2013 :: Halotea Xmas Offer 30% OFF!
More info and coupon codes here. Merry Christmas! :)

12/20/2013 :: Improved CUE sheet support
Halotea 1.406 with improved CUE sheet support is available for download now.

12/20/2013 :: For our dear customers
We are pleased to announce new opportunities for our customers!
After purchase, you can update your Halotea version for free. If you reinstall the system - feel free to ask us for a new activation key. We also give you the opportunity to ask for more activation keys (such as for your office PC or for traveling notebook...). In any case, you can always mail us about additional activation keys, using the feedback form (do not forget to specify your personal data, used while purchasing Halotea first time).
Thanks for using Halotea!

09/25/2013 :: Czech translation
New version (1.405) with Czech translation is available for download.

03/13/2013 :: Halotea update
New Spanish translation by Freddy Zavala, sound engine updates and bug fixes (recording input device selection bug in Halotea full version).

12/11/2012 :: Halotea 1.401
Just some code corrections and optimization...

11/09/2012 :: Halotea 1.400
The new Halotea 1.400 is now available for download. More details about this update you can find here.

10/11/2012 :: Version 1.306
The playback of Monkey's Audio encoded files (.ape) is available now. This update also adds Turkish interface.

09/13/2012 :: German version
German language is now available in Halotea 1.305.

08/31/2012 :: New Halotea translations
French, Spanish and Armenian translations are available now in Halotea 1.304.

07/11/2012 :: Halotea Free
HaloteaFree is absolutely free version of Mirolit Halotea. With this version user can only listen to the pre-installed sound themes. Scheduler and audio-player is also available in this version.

06/14/2012 :: New update
In new version (1.302) user can to select an action (shutdown system, suspend, hibernate, etc.) at the end of the timer countdown.

06/04/2012 :: Halotea 1.300
In new 1.300 version "Environment timer" is added and localization resources (Russian and Chinese) are modified.

04/19/2012 :: Halotea updated
Halotea and Halotea Lite updated to version 1.201. The random crash bug is fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

03/30/2012 :: Halotea key for free!
Help us to make Halotea better and get the lifetime Halotea license for free! More info...

03/21/2012 :: New Halotea 1.200
New version of Halotea supports recording of Environment output, Chinese language, and uses .NET framework 2.0. To know about all new features see version history page. Get the latest version now!

12/19/2011 :: New Halotea Lite!
Halotea Lite is released. Halotea Lite has almost the same features as Mirolit Halotea and at an incredibly low price. To read more about Lite version see Halotea Lite version comparison page.

12/14/2011 :: Halotea 50 percect discount!
Bits du Jour will be offering Mirolit Halotea on Friday 16 December, 2011 at the dramatically reduced price of $19.98. We can't afford to offer this kind of discount often, and it will only be available on Bits du Jour for a single day only.

12/09/2011 :: Halotea 1.100
New version of Halotea is available now! List of new Halotea features look at the Halotea download page.

11/12/2011 :: Halotea 1.062
We have update! You can use it to prolong trial period.

10/28/2011 :: Halotea 20 percent discount
Mirolit is pleased to offer a 20 percent discount to everyone who will buy Halotea before November 11, 2011 (11-11-11)!

10/21/2011 :: Halotea updated!
Mirolit Halotea 1.061 is available for download!

10/07/2011 :: New version of Mirolit Halotea
New version (1.058) of Mirolit Halotea is available for download!

08/19/2011 :: Site redesign
We hope you enjoy our new easy-to-use and nice site.